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Heater Maintenance

Pritchard & Fallin Is Your Go-To Choice For Heater Maintenance Service in Callao, VA.

For Emergency Service, Please Call (804) 529-7838.

Heating Maintenance Services

At Pritchard & Fallin, we pride ourselves on giving our customers what they need at a reasonable price. Our philosophy is to approach each customer’s problem as if it were our problem in our home. We teach our technicians to be very sensitive to the customer’s needs and home. 

Heating maintenance in Callao, VA is the best way to keep your system running as it should, especially as the winter approaches and temperatures drop. Reliable home heating ensures your comfort throughout the cold season while also maintaining energy efficiency to keep those heating bills in check.

Our team of experts is well-trained to service all brands and types of heating systems to keep your unit running efficiently and effectively. Our team is happy to provide a free estimate on trusted repair and maintenance services in your area, so we can find the best solution for your budget and needs.

The Benefits Of Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance is a preventative service to ensure all components are operating as they should with no arising obstructions. This service helps you stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter while your system runs at peak efficiency. Additional benefits include the following:

Increased Longevity

Most heating systems last around 10-15 years if well maintained. Throughout the service, a Pritchard and Fallin technician will thoroughly clean and repair components before they cause damage or premature wear and tear to the system. The preventative service helps your heating system perform well for a longer period, so that you can maximize your heater’s lifespan and avoid an early replacement.

Fewer Costly Repairs

Urgent repairs are typically significantly more expensive than routine maintenance. Preventative maintenance catches malfunctions and obstructions before they result in costly heating repairs or a breakdown. Heating maintenance keeps all components in good working condition, which avoids frequent repairs.

Better Air Quality

During heating system maintenance, Pritchard & Fallin’s skilled technicians will clean the inside and outside of your heating system and replace your heater’s air filters. A clean unit and filter boost indoor air quality, instantly ensuring a healthier environment for everyone inside the home.

When to Schedule Heating System Maintenance

Though you rely on your heating system during the winter, you must schedule maintenance well before the cold season begins. We recommend scheduling heating maintenance in the fall season before temperatures drop. This ensures your heating system is prepared the moment you need it with plenty of time. Additionally, our technicians have lighter schedules in the spring and fall and can quickly schedule and provide the service for your home!

While maintenance once a year is necessary for your heating system, scheduling a second routine visit in the spring is also helpful. It allows Pritchard & Fallin’s experienced technicians to inspect your system for any damage after constantly running throughout the winter.

Top-Notch Heating and Cooling Services from Pritchard & Fallin

Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or any other type of heating system, the team at Pritchard & Fallin can service your home’s unit and keep you comfortable. During our maintenance services, our technicians will typically do the following:

  • Inspect your heating unit for any signs of wear and tear or repair needs
  • Tune up and clean your system
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Confirm electrical connections
  • Recommend necessary repairs or talk you through replacement options

Our team will also run your heater briefly to ensure it sounds healthy and provides the heating capacity your space needs to get you and your family through the chilliest winter nights.

Call Now to Schedule Maintenance Services!

It’s never too early to prepare for the coming winter! Schedule heating maintenance today for peace of mind that your home can brave the cold—call Pritchard & Fallin at (804) 529-7838 to request a free estimate.

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