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Furnace Repair

Pritchard & Fallin Is Your Go-To Choice For Furnace Repair Service in Callao, VA.

For Emergency Service, Please Call (804) 529-7838.

Furnace Repair In Callao, VA

At Pritchard & Fallin, we pride ourselves on giving our customers what they need at a reasonable price. Our philosophy is to approach each customer’s problem as if it were our problem in our home. We teach our technicians to be very sensitive to the customer’s needs and home. 

The #1 Choice For Furnace Repair in Callao, VA

Is your furnace making you reach for more layers when the temperatures drop? Turn to the team at Pritchard & Fallin. We proudly offer premium furnace repair in Northumberland County. Over the last four decades, we have built a reputation for excellence and efficiency. There’s no furnace problem we can’t fix. Call us now to restore your furnace to peak condition today.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

As the leading furnace repair company in the area, we can authoritatively tell you that it’s possible to avoid most furnace emergencies if you can pay more attention to the unit. Here are some common signs you need to schedule a furnace repair service:

  • Scraping, thumps, and bangs while your furnace is in use
  • Water pooling around your furnace
  • Weak or no airflow
  • Weak or no heat
  • The smell of gas around the furnace
  • Sudden rise in your utility bills
  • Frequent cycling
  • Disconnect between the furnace and thermostat

If you notice any of the above problems, you should reach out to our team for speedy furnace repairs in Callao, VA.

Common Furnace Repairs We Complete

At Pritchard & Fallin, no furnace problem is too big or too small for our highly experienced team. Here are some of the most common repairs homeowners often experience in Northumberland County.

Noisy Furnace

A noisy furnace can be irritating and indicate something wrong within the system. Some of the components we repair to make the furnace quieter include:

  • Replacing damaged motor bearings. Motor bearings hold the rotor in position. They move as the furnace functions, so any problems with them will lead to noisy furnace operation.
  • Fixing a loose or dirty inducer. The inducer helps remove smoke and fumes from your furnace as it works. It will make clicking sounds if it’s dirty or loose.
  • Replacing damaged gas valves. The gas valve controls the flow of gas into the furnace. You’ll hear clicking sounds if it’s not in excellent shape.

Furnace Failing To Properly Heat Up the Space

Furnaces struggling to meet the thermostat setting is a tell-tale sign something is wrong with the system. Here are some of the things we do to fix a furnace that’s not delivering enough warmth:

  • Reset the thermostat. Some homeowners erroneously set their thermostats too low. Adjusting the thermostat readings to higher levels can restore warmth.
  • Change dirty air filters. Air filters help keep debris and contaminants from entering your space. If they are clogged, they can interfere with the volume of warm air entering through the ducts.

When none of the above are the cause of your furnace’s failure to meet your heating needs, we’ll start thorough troubleshooting to find the source of the problem.

Water Leaks Around The Furnace

High-efficiency furnaces leak due to clogs or breakages in the condensation drain line. Dealing with these problems will ensure the condensate your furnace generates can drain away from your property more easily.

Benefits Of Fast Furnace Repair

When you act quickly to fix furnace problems before they get out of hand, you can:

  • Save money on costly repairs
  • Increase your system’s efficiency and lower your bill
  • Avoid the hassle of early furnace replacement

Enjoy Expert Furnace Repair Services Today!

Call Pritchard & Fallin today at (804) 529-7838 to book an appointment for your furnace repair in Northern Neck, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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