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Pritchard & Fallin Is Your Go-To Choice For Furnaces Service in Callao, VA.

For Emergency Service, Please Call (804) 529-7838.

Furnace Services In Northern Neck, VA

At Pritchard & Fallin, we pride ourselves on giving our customers what they need at a reasonable price. Our philosophy is to approach each customer’s problem as if it were our problem in our home. We teach our technicians to be very sensitive to the customer’s needs and home. 

Furnace Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Services in Callao, VA

If you are looking for a trustworthy furnace company in Callao, VA and surrounding areas, consider Pritchard & Fallin! Over the last 37 years, our highly experienced team has continued to keep residential and commercial spaces warm through the winter months. Our certified team can repair, maintain, replace, and install furnace systems to ensure your home remains warm and cozy.

What Is A Furnace?

A furnace is a heating system that generates and distributes heat for your home. There are different types of furnaces that all effectively deliver heat, but use different fuel sources to do so. The main types of furnace systems are natural gas, oil, electric, and propane.

Burning fuel or using electricity generates heat in the burner, which is then passed through a heat exchanger. When the furnace’s blower sucks in air from your ductwork, it will flow over the heat exchanger and absorb the heat. The blower will then transfer the heated air back into your ductwork to warm your rooms or commercial spaces.

Modern natural gas furnaces are the most commonly used because of the system’s energy efficiency. However, our team is happy to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each furnace type to help you find the best system for you and your home.

Furnace Installation And Replacement

The Pritchard and Fallin team is full of NATE certified technicians ready to address any HVAC-related problem. We proudly provide furnace replacement in Callao, VA and surrounding areas to ensure homeowners have an updated, working heating system for winter.

When your unit is due for replacement, you can trust our team to help you find and install a new system that will also match the size of your property. Give us a call for furnace installation in Callao, VA for all types of systems!

Fast Furnace Repair Services

During the winter season in Virginia, homeowners rely on their furnaces for comfort. However, furnace systems can malfunction from time-to-time like any other appliance. At Pritchard & Fallin, we offer top-class repair services to ensure your home remains comfortable all winter long. Furnaces can often display signs it will require professional assistance soon. Below we have listed common signs you need furnace repair in Callao, VA and surrounding areas.

  • Poor or no heating when the furnace is in use
  • Noisy operation
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Leaks around the furnace

Our experienced technicians will get to the root of the problem quickly, restoring your comfort in the shortest time possible.

If you are experiencing issues with your furnace and need a real technician to take a look, give us a call today at (804) 529-7838 to schedule your service.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces are one of your home’s most important appliances, which is why proper care is necessary. Homeowners should schedule furnace maintenance in Callao, VA with a Pritchard and Fallin technician at least once a year. Furnace maintenance is a preventative service where our technicians will perform various tasks to ensure your system is functioning well and efficiently. We’ll check all the parts of your furnace, replacing broken elements and cleaning as we go.

Schedule Furnace Services Today

Let our team keep you warm and cozy all winter season. Give us a call at (804) 529-7838 to schedule furnace repair, replacement, or maintenance in Northumberland County, VA!

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